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Control Transformer

Electrical Control Panels, PLC Power Supplies

Om Make Control Transformers are designed for good regulation, upto 100% loading. Control Transformers are widely used in industrial applications such as electrical control panels or PLC power supplies (Industrial control equipment demand a momentary overload capacity of normal capacity).

OM makes Control Transformers specification:
  1. High permeable iron core.
  2. High quality copper windings.
  3. Class I transformers.
  4. Excellent voltage regulation.
  5. High short time power.
  6. Vacuum impregnated varnish to ensure silent and moisture-immune operation.
  7. CE marking and compatibility with EN 61558 2-2.
  8. Manufactured under ISO 9000 quality management.
  1. Input Voltage : 110V to 600V
  2. Output Voltage : 24V, 110V, 220V, 415,
  3. Single Phase : 100VA to 10KVA
  4. Three Phase : 3 KVA to 500 KVA Dry Type