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Motor Control, VFD's, Oil Rig & Ship, Lifts & Elevators, Cranes & Winches, Conveyors

AC variable frequency drives are commonly used with a general purpose induction motor to form a reliable variable speed drive system. Applications that require factor deceleration rates where Motor speed is exceeding the synchronous speed set up by the output frequency of the drives a braking resistor required. Breaking Resistor increase the Braking torque capacity of variable frequency drives. The resistor dissipates regenerated power to keep the bus voltage form exceeding the rated unit of the drives. Electrical drive system are being used more and more application as on ships, oil rigs, crane barges and vessels of all types for every type of powered application. Main propellers and bow thrusters driving winches and windlasses. Cranes, Lifts, conveyors and jacks, cable laying and tensioning.

OM Make resistor are wide range resistor technologies and long experience in this field means that we have suitable braking resistor designed for all of the above applications. With braking powers form a few KW up to many MW (needed for example for some crane and main propulsion brakes) and cooling methods which include forced air and natural convection. We have standard products of all types. OM Make resistor use high grade ferritic alloy (feCrAl) or Nical - chromium resistor element. The resistance value changes uttle over the temperature range of element. Element temperature will typically not exceed them 600° degree centigrade.

Aluminum case encapsulated
Punch grids Type (HRP grids)

Aluminum Case Type: 300 Watt to 4 Kw
Punch Grid Type: 5 KW to 2000 KW air forced enclosure type