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Power Factor Panels, Furnace Panels, UPS, Fluroscent Lamps

Om make reactors are designed to meet specific design criteria such as Q factor, inductance tolerances etc. series line reactors shall be designed for harmonic filtering service and for slowing the rate of rapid current charges. The reactors shall be UL component - recognized and shall be built to comply to UL 508 construction shall be of copper wire - wound on magnetic steel cores. Series line reactors shall be sized appropriately for the total connected load. Design maximum temperature rise for reactors shall be 115c on bobbin wound and 155c on form wound devices at rated circuit.

Non-linear equipment generate harmonic as multiples of a fundamental frequency such as AC/DC motor speed controllers, are furnaces compact fluorescent lamps, uninterruptible power sources. As a result of this fact besides the fundamental frequency, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 13th, harmonic are generated.

Specification of Harmonic filter Reactor (Detuned Reactor)
  1. Operating Voltage: 3 x 415/440V
  2. Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz
  3. Filtering Detuning Factor: 5.69%, 7%, 14% corresponding to tuning frequencies of 210Hz, 189Hz, and 134 Hz for the base of 50Hz.
  4. Tolerance of Inductance: 5%
  5. High Linearity: 1.8In (180% )
  6. Over Load Capability: 150 % for 10 minute of Rated current & 200 % 10 Second of Rated current
  7. High Voltage Test: 4 KVA
  8. Temperature rise: 110 < maximum on full Load
  9. Maximum Audible Level at Two (2) Meters : Line / Load Application 76 dBa
  10. Standard: IS-5553-/EN-61558-2-20/IEC-60076-6
  11. 'CE' approved.

5KVAr to 100 KVAr(Copper/Aluminum)