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Power Factor, AC & DC Drive, VFD Panels

The OMHG7 - drive applied harmonic filter is called an "OMHG7" shall contain a tuned circuit designed to remove harmonics generated within a power distribution system while improving the system power factor. The OMHG7 designed to minimize the possibility of system problems associated with power factor correction in the presence of harmonic distortion.

The harmonic filter in combination with the adjustable frequency drive shall Meet all requirement specified in the 1992 edition of IEEE Standard 519 for individual and total harmonic Voltage and current distortion. The point of common Coupling (PCC) for all Voltage and current harmonic calculations and measurement shall be the input terminal of the harmonic filter.

  1. Limited to 7% Distortion (typical results of 5-6% TDP) Total demand Distortion.
  2. Superior performance at 100% and 50% Load.
  3. THD levels are consistently held Low.
  4. High Quality capacitor designed built and tested specifically for use in harmonically rich environments
  5. Easy installation: Fits easily in to VFD Motor control centers and ships ready to install.
  6. Uninterrupted operation: The drive continues to operate in the event of OMHG7 shutdown.
  7. In the operating range full Load to half load the power factor shall be 0.98 lagging to 0.95 leading.

25 HP to 1000 HP