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Isolation Transformer

Telecommunication Systems, Microprocessors Equipments, CNC Machines, Scientific Equipments, Bio-medical Equipments

Om make Isolation Transformer is a device which used to decouple two circuits. The load comes to the Isolation Transformer and to the input supply Isolation Transformer suppresses electrical noises which occur in transmission line. Any Isolation Transformer blocks transmission of DC signal form one circuit to other and allow AC signal to transmit. It also prevents interference cost by ground looping. Isolation Transformer is constructed with two isolated faraday shields between the primary and secondary winding. The use of two shields in the construction of the transformer diverts high frequency noise, which would they occur. The two shields provide more effective isolation of the primary and secondary circuits by also isolating their grounds.

Ultra Isolation Transformer is used where high attenuation level is required like communication system a bio-medical equipment, micro-processor based product transmitter signaling equipment & scientific appearance & high Sensitive Equipment & add Uses project computers CNC machine Tele communication equipment due to Electrical noise spikes. Our all Transformer are CE approved.

  1. Single Phase:- 100 VA to 100 KVA
  2. Three Phase:- 5KVA to 1000 KVA
  3. Operating Voltage :- 110V /230V / 415V
  4. Three Phase : 3 KVA to 500 KVA Dry Type