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Line chokes are modern technology solution for Drive application. Help keep your equipment running longer by absorbing many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down your Inverters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Variable Speed Controllers or other sensitive equipments. They are a robust filtering solution for virtually any 6 pulse rectifier or power conversion unit. There is no need to derate OM LR Reactors as they are harmonic compensated and IGBT protected to assure optimum performance in the presence of harmonic and are very effective at reducing harmonics produced by inverters and drives. Standard OM LR Reactors may be applied up to 690VAC with compatible impedance ratings.

High saturation current Rating :
Om make Reactors are suitable for use both on input and output side of drive. Om make Rectors are designed (Epoxy impregnation minimizes audible noise in the rector and enhanced structure and moisture integrity. Maximizes their surge current protection capability Om Rector absorbs many of the power line disturbances which cause nuisance trip on voltage source units.

Choose The Standard Impedance Level :
1.5%, 3%, 5%, 7% & 10% impedance. Terminals: Terminal is standard and save installation cost by minimizing panel space. Melamine connectors are provided up to 60 Amps. Solid copper box lugs are provides busbar type above 60 Amps. 'CE' marked.
Specialized for VFD's : ABB, Delta, Fuzi, Danfoss, Siemens, Yasakawa, Schneider, Parker, Mutsubishi, Toshiba, Vecon & Custom built VFD's.

1. 0.5 HP to 1000 HP