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Data centers, IPO centers, UPS, VFD & drives, Hospitals Medical Centers, Research Lab, Corporate Bank Offices, Shopping Malls

Om Make K-Rated Transformers are specially designed to with stand this Harmonic non-linear load K-rating differs according to the harmonic levels like K-1, K-4, K-7, K-13, K-20, K-30, K-40, K- factor is defined as a ratio between the harmonic & eddy current losses at 50Hz / 60Hz It is used to determine how much non-linear Harmonic load / current can with stand transformer to without exceeding it maximum temperature level. The noise Isolation transformer Suppresses common mode noise by introducing a grounded shield between its primary and secondary windings. The grounding shield provide also impendence path to ground by capacitive coupling which prevents unwanted high frequency signals contained in the source voltage form reaching the Transformer secondary.

Our special features of K-rated Transformer :
Electrolytic grade copper winding, coil designing of high harmonic current carrying & low eddy current losses. We are using high grade (CRGO) 0.23 to 0.27 notching type of lamination which can only prevent core saturation due to non-linear harmonic, working with good flux densities to compensate for harmonic voltage distortion high thermal with stand capacity class "H"insulation multi shielded transformer where you will gate higher common mode noise attenuating and 100% linear harmonic attenuation and more than 75% non-linear loads low temperature rise.

We are designing our 'K' Rated Transformer according to its guideline specification given by UL1567, ANSIC57, IEEE-519-1981. 'K' Rated recommendation given by ANSI Standard. CE approved.

1. 10KVA TO 1000 KVA Open & Enclosure type