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Data Centers, Generator OEM'S & Manufature, Commercial Sectors, Telecomuunication Sites, Mining, Military Establishments, Ships & Oil Rig Application, Large Power Plants, Battery Discharge Application

Load bank is compact unit that are coupled to the output of your power generation system such as diesel generators, gas turbine or ups and battery system. The necessity and dependence on power at mining site, oil and gas refining in Hospitals and many other essential Services has meant a rapid growth of backup generators and UPS system for backup power. The increase of Computers and telecommunication equipment demands faultless performance in the event of power down conditions, this can only be Full Achieved By resistive Load testing the Stand by system on installation and at regular intervals.

The Life and efficiency of diesel generators can be greatly reduced when running under loaded. Lousing damage to the engine to a point Where engines could stall or completely fail to start when they are needed most. Load banks are dummy loads designed to simulate the plant load and prove the design, performance and the capacity of the system without interruption to the normal running of your plant.

Load bank are designed for portable resistive and reactive / inductive load Bank one whether proof Constriction, designed for harsh and tough Environment is for testing and commissioning of generators featuring rugged Stainless steel immersion proof and vibration proof resistors high quality class 'F' reactors integrated switch-gear with individual load circuit breakers. Available in standard voltage 440V 3Phase, 50/60Hz.


10KW to 3000KW and also customized load bank